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Had an interview to get into 6th form and I aced it and am in it :D

In other news the new champion, Talon, for LoL is really powerful, but he is an all or nothing person since he’s got no escape moves unless you take flash that is..I think his passive is a bit off tbh, i mean it’s either really powerful or really bad with it’s 10% more damage when they are silenced or slowed or stunned, I found that the best role on him was top lane or bot with support, since he needs LOADS of farm to be viable late game, with IE and trinity force, when he these two items, he is critting for like 1100, then with a complete all AD build, I was critting their ashe for 1650 damage, practically 1 hitting. His jump silence works with his passive really well though, since it silences and lets him deal 15% more damage to the target at max rank, so stacking with passive giving you 25% more damage. Crit gives you 250% more damage with IE, and with about 300 AD at full item build AND another 300 damage from trinity force, this equates to ONE MASSIVE ASS HIT.

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